About Amy:
Amy is American, well, American born Chinese to be more exact.  She was born in New York and grew up in Cupertino, California.  In the summer of 2001 during college, she made it out to Hong Kong, as part of a mission team that came to serve at Mother’s Choice.  Falling in love with the children she worked with there, she came back for another 6 months in 2003, and well, that 6 months has grown into almost five years! She is currently working at The Harbour School and training to be teacher, majoring in special education.  She has two older brothers, Stephen and David, and a new sister-in-law, Cynthia.  Her parents, Mike and Julie and siblings all reside in the Bay Area in California.  Oh, and she has a dog back home, Topsy!

About Amy by Nate:
Amy is a hot ABC (American born Chinese) who was born in New York but grew up (mostly) in Cupertino, California, the home of Apple (so already she gets bonus points!). After spending most of her time in the States learning the fine art of American culture and becoming the archetypal ‘California girl’ she decided to embark on a trip to Hong Kong. This trip was meant to be for the benefit of helping orphans at ‘Mother’s Choice’ but eventually turned out to be the beginning of a relationship with Nate. While failing to convert him to Americanism she did manage to have fun with him doing the things she likes to do, mainly playing games, seeing Siu-yan (the legend of a Down’s Syndrome girl), hiking and making ‘won ton’. She loves children and is currently employed teaching Autistic children whilst also studying for her teaching diploma in Special Education. Apart from launching into wedding plans with the frenzy of a girl who has had to wait 26 years for the chance, she occupies herself persuading Nate that they will have boatloads of children themselves, something she is yet to taste success in. Apart from that she manages to balance fulfilling Nate’s dreams as the most amazing woman ever with being a leader for the children’s ministry at The Vine, where she is also a singer for the worship team (she’s the hottie on the back cover of the “Who May Ascend” album). Meanwhile her parents, Mike and Julie, and her siblings, Stephen (and his wife Cynthia) and David live in the Bay Area of California, still quite amazed that Amy scored a white guy in Hong Kong. Oh, and she has a dog called Topsy, who unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the wedding.  

About Nathan:  
Nathan was born in Abergavenny, Wales, but has spent 22 of his 26 years living in Hong Kong. He is a healthy mix of Welsh, Guernsey (look it up) and Yorkshire. His parents have been missionaries in Hong Kong since 1974 and so he grew up in a Chinese Church yet somehow he managed to miss picking up Cantonese himself, something he is currently working on!

After straying from God in his teenage years Nathan came back to God in 2000 and has not looked back since. He works as a Drama teacher around the schools in Hong Kong, where he resides with his parents, Paul and Diane and sisters, Dodie and Rachel. Oh and he hates pets!

About Nate by Amy:
Nate is the hottest Welsh man around…  Nathan was made in Hong Kong but born in Wales.  He is the result of two older sisters’ (Dodie & Rachel) prayers for a baby brother, and he is the special delivery they got!  Growing up in Hong Kong, he claims himself to be a “Hong Kong” person, and also claims himself to have the best navigation skills of anyone in town. Admittedly, he’s pretty impressive with directions!  He’s spent most of his 26 years in Hong Kong, with a few years in Wales for university and time in Guernsey, where part of his family is from.  His parents, Paul and Diane, along with his sisters, Dodie and Rachel all still reside in Hong Kong.  He returned to Hong Kong in 2002 after university and met Amy shortly after (though he doesn’t really remember their first meeting – major point loss for him!)  He often spends his time pursuing his many loves… 1) anything Apple – this is probably the only factor about Amy’s Americanism that outweighs everything else he believes about Americans! 2) Taylor guitars – which Amy and one of his best men Mark, had an instrumental part in bringing about. 3) Driving his mother’s purple people eater and 4) Spending time with Amy.  Mark and he have discussed previously that the mark of a true man is to have: 1) Apple computer – check, 2) Taylor guitar – check, 3) Car – check by default, and 4) a Girl – check – now he’s going to have a wife!  So now he is a true man.  He loves children and often has 3 or 4 hanging off of him.  He goes around to almost anywhere in Hong Kong to teach drama to various schools.  He’s heavily involved with The Vine Christian Fellowship with their worship and drama ministry.  As well, he appreciates having a good laugh, at the expense of himself and of course his friends around him.  He’s a rugby enthusiast and is a diehard fan for the Welsh rugby team.  And he loves to cook – so Amy is looking forward to this endearing quality to become evident in married life!  He is generous to a fault to everyone around him.  He attempts to spend his spare time courting his soon to be wife and her many whims… including discussions of how many children they will have and future pets...   

About Us:
Amy and Nathan met on February 12, 2003, at what was meant to be a Relationship seminar by Dean Sherman at the Hong Kong YWAM base.  Although the seminar was not exactly about relationships, it was the starting point for Amy and Nathan.  They continued to see each other at their young adult fellowship, one_eighty, and at occasional hang outs.  Over the summer, both were asked to join the leadership team of one_eighty (under Bob Strachan) and Nathan also felt the call to move over to The Vine Christian Fellowship from his parents’ church, Elim Full Gospel Church.  The fall of 2003 allowed for Nate and Amy to hang out a lot more now that they were serving together and seeing each other every weekend.  They had many late nights hanging out with friends and chatting with each other.  At this point, Amy was studying at HKU and Nate was working as a primary class teacher.  One day in November, after Nate had his wisdom teeth pulled out, he had a few days off work, and due to air-conditioning not working in his house, he made excuses to hang out with Amy.  He picked Amy up from the university and went to MIX in Central and played chess and hung out.  She went off to hang out with some friends and Nate went off to ‘think’ at the beach.  On her way back at night, she got a call from Nate, inviting her to the beach (he was already there!) and said he would come back to pick her up.  She hesitated, but agreed after he said they would have an early night. 

They wound up at Repulse Bay Beach where their conversation was stilted by the awkwardness that was beginning to grow between them.  Nate eventually brought up the opinion that as friends who hung out so much that it might become complicated and not a good thing.  Amy, at this point, already knowing her feelings for him, said that it was difficult for friends to draw close and not have something happen.  But seeing as Nate was hesitant didn’t say too much, instead grew more frustrated! As they sat in silence, Amy eventually asked, “Is this it?”  Nate said “No”, pulled her into a hug (at this point they’d only had side hugs!) and then he kissed her!!

This kiss led into a two and half year torment! After a week of pondering, they decided to officially date on November 12 2003 (9 months after they’d first met!).  Dating for six months, they got to May 2004, and after a heavy discussion of their unknown futures, they decided that God had called them to break up and trust in Him for their futures.  The next two years were difficult as their feelings for each other only seemed to grow but had no outlet to show them!

In May 2006, they had a dinner together and decided that they needed to have an answer of whether the door to their futures together was open or shut.  So they decided to fast and pray for seven days (becoming eight due to scheduling difficulties!).  During this time they sought counsel from close friends and mentors.  To end the fast, they each wrote a letter to each other, indicating the answer they’d received from God (this way no one could retract what they thought they’d received).  At one point in the fast, Nate asked Amy if she wanted to extend the fast to 40 days, just to be sure! Amy responded that she had not received that confirmation to extend the fast from God so she refused to fast for 33 more days!

On the IFC podium floor, May 18 2006, Nate and Amy exchanged their letters… Nate asked Amy if she would be his girlfriend and said “I love you” for the first time… and the rest, as they say, is history…

[Nate says “Huh? Where does she come up with all this stuff?? For the real lowdown come and ask me yourself!”]

April 1st
(Night before the engagement), was the night before my 26th birthday as well as the last night of the Rugby Sevens tournament, of which Nate is an avid fan. This year, like the others he has been wholly occupied during the weekend.  Last year, the last night fell on my birthday and I was quite upset with him that day (we weren’t even together at that point – it was during our “wilderness season”), so the Rugby Sevens are always a little sore moment for me, because I know I’ll be neglected.  This year was no different.  I saw him Friday night (March 31st) very briefly at a friend’s housewarming, and within 20 minutes, he was off playing video games with his friend that he had just gone to the Sevens with.  So being tired and a bit miffed, I opted to go home.

Saturday, I hung out with some girlfriends as all the men were occupied! They brought up the subject of engagement rings. Unbeknownst to me, they already knew what was going to be happening very shortly! But they were all mum about it and I had no idea! At that point, my thought was that someday (hopefully sooner than later) we’d get engaged.  But as we hardly talked about the future, and any time that we did, Nate always emphasized about how it wouldn’t happen anytime soon, that I think I just didn’t bring up the subject anymore.

Nate had mentioned that he would probably see me Saturday or Sunday night.  I didn’t get to see him Saturday night, so I definitely expected him to see him Sunday night after the Sevens had finished.  I went to church in the morning, taught there, was pretty tired as I was heading into vacation, so went home to rest, looking forward to see Nate when he came over.  I got a few random texts from him.  By the way, it was April Fool’s Day, so he managed to pull a prank on several people in the church, including the senior pastor.  He sent a text to a few people (who were at church at the time) stating that the massive screen in the South Stand of the stadium had collapsed. And to “please pray”.  When the senior pastor got wind of this text, he immediately announced it to the church!! We are fortunately in-between services but when the pastor found out it was prank, he was quite sore at Nate!

Anyhow, Sunday night rolls around. I had already started to be moody from Friday night. So when I received his phone call, he quickly went on a recap of the Sevens tournament, and then proceeded to say that he was leaving with a friend.  A bit shocked, I said okay and then quickly got off the phone.  I brooded for awhile.  And eventually I decided I needed to get out of the house as I had been relaxing the entire afternoon/evening.  There wasn’t really anywhere to go for a walk nearby, so I had the bright idea of going rollerblading.  There were two factors in this: 1) It got me out of the house, and 2) I’d been wanting to go rollerblading with Nate for some time now.  I had brought my rollerblades from home a few years back but everytime he would bring up an excuse: ‘my foot hurts’, ‘it’s too hot’, ‘there’s nowhere to go’, etc. So I decided that “fine, I’ll just go without him”.  I suppose to ‘spite him’ I sent a text staying that I was going out and that maybe I’d talk to him later.  He tried to call shortly after but I decided not to answer.  I eventually texted him that I was rollerblading and that I didn’t want to talk to him as I was feeling overly emotional. I tried to go to a nearby park as it would be safer, as the only other spot that I knew of what not well-lit and I knew he didn’t like me being there at night time.  The park ended up having a sign posted stating that rollerblading was not allowed.  I decided I would have to go to the other place.  For those of you who know the area, I went to rollerblade down Bowen Road, near Mother’s Choice.  As I got going, I listened to a sermon on my ipod, about “Loneliness”.  Haha.  Self-pity huh? Well, eventually as I got further down the path, it grew too dark for my liking so I turned around and ended up at a park with swings that I could sit and finish out the sermon.  By the end of it, I felt convicted enough that I shouldn’t wallow too much in self-pity and arranged to have lunch with some friends for my birthday.  And then when I got home I gave him a call.  I still didn’t have too much to say at that point to him as I was still ‘hurt’ at the neglect.  He had written me an email asking what was wrong and listing reasons he thought I might be upset.  “Ignoring my birthday – he had something great planned, especially after that surprise I threw for him last year”; “Our upcoming trip to America – that he was very excited but a bit nervous about meeting all my friends and family”; etc… Eventually over the phone, he suggested that I pray and hoped that I would feel better.  I tried to sleep but was rather unsuccessful so got back up, wrote an email venting how I felt.  Texted him: “I just sent you an email but I don’t think it will help. Sorry. Good night”.  And then fell promptly asleep. 

April 2 2007
I woke up, feeling tremendously better.  Whatever happened the previous night, I think God had relieved me from my emotional state and I had decided it was my birthday so I better appreciate it for what it was worth.  I called Nate early in the morning and was back to my chirpier self.  I apologized for my venting email and he responded that he appreciated my honesty and valued that I spoke my mind rather than bottling it up.  He also confirmed that he would see me at 6 PM and that I was meant to dress up.  By the way, the previous week, he had asked casually if there was anything I wanted to do for my birthday.  I said no, just surprise me.  However, I decided to give him a foul proof plan, and later sent him an email stating “these are some restaurants I’d like to go to at some point.  Not necessarily for my birthday, just for your reference”. 

Anyhow, had a lovely lunch in Shek O with a couple of friends. It had begun pouring on my birthday as well, so it was a bit wet out! Headed back and one of my friends came over to hang out as I got ready for dinner.  I also received a package from my family, so so far, the day was chugging along smoothly.  After my shower, my friend notified me that my phone had gone off a few times.  I checked the voicemail, from Nate, stating that he was running late and wouldn’t be able to pick me up anymore, and could I please be sure to make it at IFC (a shopping centre in Central) at 6 PM at the Starbucks’ inside.  I carried on getting ready and got another phone call from him demanding to know if I’d received the message.  When I replied affirmatively, he said that it was important that I let him know I’d received the message and restated the request for me to be there at 6.  I said I would try but couldn’t guarantee as I’d only just stepped out of the shower.  He insisted that I needed to be time. So I assured him I would do my best.  From that point I rushed to get ready.  Two months earlier, he had planned Valentine’s Day and I was half an hour late for our designated time, and ended up missing part of a movie that he had booked tickets to already! And it was just the beginning of little mishaps that proceeded along the night. So I decided I was determined to be there on time!  But was secretly hoping that he had not made reservations for a movie, as I didn’t want to spend my birthday like that.  My friend ran with me out the door and she helped us get the taxi to take the quickest route to IFC.  I made it with 2 minutes to spare!

I found myself at Starbuck’s waiting and then received a phone call from Nate.  He sounded like he was on a train from the background noise which puzzled me, because I thought he’d driven that day.  I let him know I was there already and after a slight pause he said, okay, he’d be there in a couple of minutes.  After at least 5 minutes had passed by, I sent him a text that he was ‘officially late’.  No response.  In this time period, in the distance I saw a friend of ours, Joe Chow, from church, who does a lot of media stuff.  I didn’t bother to say hi as he was far out and also I was waiting for Nate to arrive.  Shortly after, a girl with shopping bags came up to me.  Handed me an envelope and said, “Have fun tonight” and walked away.

Clue #1
On the front of the envelope (it was a nice heavy creamy stationary) was typed out “clue #1”.  Inside the envelope was written:

Would Nate ever be late? No! Just missing… Find him by the shop of which his interests never lack, that is, if you want him back!

I immediately headed up to the 2nd floor to visit the Apple/Mac store – actually DG Lifestyle Store, is the actual name of the shop.  I walked inside but felt a bit awkward as I was a bit dressed up and not looking for computers at all.  As the clue had stated “by the shop”, I proceeded to look around outside the shop to nearby areas.  Couldn’t think of where to go, and I think I had even texted Nate to say, “I’m here”, I waited outside the store.  After several minutes, one of the store’s staff came outside with another envelope for me.

Clue #2

Not here? Don’t faint, perhaps he is visiting his favourite saint.

This one really puzzled me. I figured we were Christian, so therefore it didn’t make any sense for us to have a patron saint.  I couldn’t think of anything remotely close to having a saint name.  So I decided to peruse the store directory to get some inspiration.  No help.  I texted him for help.  He wrote back “Ar - - - cks” So I went to look in the directory for anything starting with an “A”.  No clue still.  I didn’t want to ask for more help. So I decided to go back to floor 1, where I was at least more familiar with the stores.  And while heading down the escalator, inspiration hit.  I realized, he meant, “St. Arbucks”, otherwise known as good ole’ Starbucks, which he occasionally, affectionately terms it as “St. Arbucks”.  I walked back to the starting point (armed with an IFC shopping guide in case further assistance was needed in the future), and because I’d spent so much time waiting out the Mac store, I decided to speed things along and just go directly to the counter this time and ask if they had an envelope for me.  After I got a strange stare with a negative response, I turned away, rather embarrassed! I walked out of the Starbuck’s, and while heading out passed by a music stand which they frequently leave outside the store with their menu on it.  I happened to glance down, and there waiting patiently, sat “Clue #3” – complete with a yellow post-it note on the back with Nate’s handwriting “Starbucks”.  Very incriminating!

Clue #3

Pretty elusive for such a big guy! Use a bait that’s better and find him where you exchanged letters.

Almost a year ago at that point, we had decided to fast and pray for a week to decide whether we were meant to be together (again) or that the break up was permanent.  The previous couple of years had taken it’s emotional toll on both of it and we just wanted to seek God for His answer.  To end the fast, we decided we would both write letters, exchange it and see what the other had heard from God.  This way, we didn’t have an opportunity to back down, in case God had spoken differently to one of us.  It was essentially a now or never deal.  As the story goes, we got together after exchanging letters on the roof/terrace of IFC. 

I headed up to P4, and at that point it was slightly drizzling, but a bit refreshing.  To be honest, I couldn’t remember the exact patch of grass we were at, so I went to peek over the first lawn area and there was nothing there.  As I walked towards the second one, I could see a couple of teenage girls hanging out and taking pictures of each other.  As they saw me approaching, they pointed to a nearby bench, and said “It’s over there”.  ‘Over there’, lay a ziplock bag with the envelope sitting inside, accompanied by an umbrella. 

Clue #4

It’s not funny now! Perhaps he’s not far, quite possibly next to a dirty, dirty sports car

Nate will often drive over, as he lives in New Territories with his family, whenever there is a car available for him.  I live on Hong Kong Island, which is also where our church is located, so a good percentage of our social life is here, although I think he will always be a Shatin boy at heart!  Because of all the driving into the city, especially on the weekends with church, he’s managed to figure out all the best/inexpensive car parks.  Lately, he had been parking in one, often in the same spot, next to this ‘dead’ sports car that seems as if it’s been sitting there in its leaking oil for months.  I immediately knew what this clue meant and headed back down for the next adventure.  Sitting on top of the car was the next envelope.

*To give a brief interlude, at this point, I was juggling between the ideas of “big birthday surprise” versus ”engagement”.  I suppose I didn’t want to have too many expectations nor did I want to be disappointed as he’d obviously gone out of his way to create an elaborate plan.  As well, I also thought, if this is just for my birthday, what is he going to have to pull for an engagement!?  However, I enjoyed the hunt of the clues and was more curious when he was going to suddenly pop out in front of me.

Clue #5

Shoes starting to hurt? eth envi hicrtsina wllofepish

Now, if you were like me, those last four words didn’t mean a thing to me… Except, the last word.  My fiancé has a welsh heritage, and though I don’t know very much about the language, I do know there are many double l’s, such as in the last word in the phrase above.  I was stumped for awhile as to how I was going to interpret the words.  And inspiration hid.  I would go back to the Mac store and borrow their internet.  (I unfortunately forgot that there were two coffee shops that also carried internet!)  I went up and they had just closed early, due to stock inventory! So I decided to call a friend that I’d had lunch with, because at that point I wasn’t sure who was involved and didn’t want to be embarrassed by asking for help from someone who might be a part of the whole game! So I send her the message and ask her to translate it.  I decided I’d go to the bookstore to look for a Welsh dictionary/phrasebook/anything! All I could come up with was a guidebook to Wales.  There was one small page on Welsh-English words.  I thought that maybe because the clue had talked about shoes that it was a shoes store, maybe Nine West shoes store.  The guidebook had the numbers 1 – 10, but none of the words were remotely close to any of the ones in my clue! I didn’t want to waste too much more time, so I finally texted Nate for help.  He wrote back “anagram”.  Now, if any of you know what an anagram, take a look at the clue again and see if you can decipher it before you look further for the answer.

Otherwise, an anagram is when the letters of a word are jumbled together.  Sometimes they make real words out of them, and other times, maybe it just looks like Welsh (as it did to me in this instance – again, stating my ignorance of the language!).  Well, when I took a second look at the clue, the words immediately jumped out at me: “The Vine Christian Fellowship”.  The name of our church, which was nearby.  I’d actually thought about stopping by the church as they have internet as well, but thought that as it was a Monday, it would probably be closed.  Anyhow, I made the walk down there.

Once arrived, I found the church was open due to another function.  A friend of ours, Jacinta Read was sitting at the Info Desk, with an envelope taped to the wall above her.  I walked over and asked for the next clue.  She handed it over and then asked if she could give me a hug.  I said okay, and then also thought, “hmm… she seems to know something I don’t!”  But again, I didn’t know whether this had to do with a birthday surprise or engagement!

Clue #6

What did you expect? He got tired of waiting and has gone now, his stomach churning for xiao long bao.

I’m a big fan of Shanghainese food and I love all sorts of dumplings, especially “xiao long bao”, literally small basket bun, as they are generally steamed in bamboo baskets. We often frequent a restaurant called Crystal Jade (La Mien Xiao Long Bao) back in IFC.  I headed back for the walkway, my feet cramping a little and hot from all the walking around, carrying all these clues/umbrella/sweater/purse.  As I got on into the second floor where it was located, I spotted in the distance, a person looking remarkably similar to Mark Nam, a good friend of ours.  He was sporting some typical “Mark Nam fashion pants” as well as his signature hair which was quickly covered by a hood that he pulled over his head as he swiftly turned away, obviously having seen me.  He approached the restaurant quickly and slapped an envelope-like object to the restaurant’s outer wall and took off running! It was bit amusing as I came up close behind and grabbed the envelope off the wall.  I’m sure all the customers waiting for seats were amused!

Clue #7

You’re too high, go down and look not far from Watson’s and buy a book!

As I’m a big frequenter of bookshops, I knew immediately what he referred to.  Polluck’s bookstore on the Airport Express check-in level.  I immediately headed towards there and went in to peruse the books.  I wasn’t sure what sort of book to look for as the clue didn’t indicate.  So in the end, after no clue was making itself evident, I opted for a cheap children’s book as we were going to see some little girls the next day.  At the counter, I decided to ask the clerk whether she knew anything about a clue.  She didn’t, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young boy, early secondary school aged (still in some sort of school uniform) holding an envelope.  He hadn’t spotted me, but the look on his face seemed a bit perplexed, out of place.  So I walked out of the store and said “I think that belongs to me”, and he handed it over and walked away. 

Clue #8
This envelope had two pieces of stationery in it:

#1     The chase is done and Nate’s not near, so go to the drop off point and have no fear.  Not sure where? Taxis come and taxis go but you deserve a nice limo.

#2 License Plate MF 3733

As I was on the airport express check-in level, I walked outside to where all the taxis dropped off passengers.  I wasn’t sure what sort of limo to look for, so I walked to the front of the drop off area and waited, looking back and forth.  In looking back once, I spotted Joe Chow again, who I’d seen in the very beginning of the night while waiting for Nate at Starbuck’s.  I realized he must’ve been a part of this whole charade! Soon after a nice silver Mercedes Benz pulled up and I was in.  The driver handed me my last clue which stated:

"Do not open until you have reached the destination"

The driver asked me if I knew where I was going.  I replied I did not, but thought in the back of my head that maybe we were headed towards Repulse Bay.  Two reasons: 1) Located there was one of the restaurants that I’d given to Nate on my ‘hint’ list, and 2) Before we ever dated (officially), this was where we first kissed.

After his question, I didn’t hear from the driver again.  As I sat through the ride, I was a bit giddy and nervous with anticipation.  I reread the previous clues to remind me of my night’s quest.  Otherwise, I watched the roads we were taking and slowly eliminated all the other possible options and was quite confident we were headed towards Repulse Bay.  In the middle of the journey, the driver received a phone call, and I overheard him stating that we were halfway there.  So I knew something was awaiting me at the destination.  To go to the restaurant and to go to the beach are on two different roads, so I noticed we were now on the road where the beach was located.  Pulling in front of the 7-Eleven, the driver said we had arrived at our first destination.  This really puzzled me as I couldn’t think of where else we would go.  He turned on the light so I could read the last clue.

I hope the trip went nicely, but it’s time you departed and returned to the place where it all started.

This confirmed that I was headed for the beach where our first kiss took place.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I took everything I had out of the limo with me. 

As I turned to face the beach, I saw Nathan standing at the end of the walkway, almost at the top of the stairs that lead down to the beach.  He stood there holding a long stemmed red rose.  As I approached, he handed me the rose…. And then, forgive me, but this next portion part is a bit of a blur to me as I don’t have any concrete clues to remember it with.  I do recall he proceeded to give a lovely (memorized) speech that professed how great I was… and at the end of the speech, he said, and with God… got down on one knee, “Will you marry me?” whilst pulling out the ring, very James Bond style, front his jacket sleeve.  I, with tears streaming down my face – hopefully dignified-like, said yes and we hugged and then he placed the ring upon my finger. 

We took a stroll along the beach where I think we were in a bit of an amazed blur.  I remember we prayed a bit.  And he told me that he had tried to book The Verandah, the name of the restaurant in Repulse Bay, but it was closed on Monday nights, so after exploring many other options, he settled on one, in which we would need to take the limo to, which would explain the need for a second destination. 

We walked back to the limo, and in the ride he explained more about the evening and how it had unfolded on his side of things.  The night before (when I was very upset) he had gone home to finalize his plans, and as I had my little breakdown, he began to worry that he’d pushed me too far.  So he began to enlist people to pray for me, which definitely accounted for my complete change in the morning!!  During the night, his two elves, Mark Nam and Joe Chow were busy setting out clues and videotaping me going from clue to clue.  As I had arrived on time in the very beginning, it threw their plan off and Mark had to scurry to find a shopper who would be willing to deliver the clue for him.  When I went off on my hunt for a Welsh dictionary, Joe was in a panic that he had lost me! And because Joe was videotaping, he was meant to notify Mark whenever I was approaching so Mark would have enough time to put the clue up.  Apparently right before the restaurant, Joe missed me somehow, so Mark missed his cue, and therefore I managed to spot him.  And because he ran off in the other direction, I managed to beat him to the bookstore downstairs, so he needed to find another willing participant to deliver the last clue! What I also was unaware of, was that Mark & Joe had jumped into a taxi shortly after I got into the limo and had recorded the entire proposal! Apparently, throughout the event, Nate tried to position me to get me into the camera’s angle.  And while we were walking on the beach, apparently they followed behind us!! We’re still waiting for the edited version, but should be fun to see!  

Our last stop was to Restaurant Petrus, in the Island Shangri-la on Level 56.  We had an amazing view as well as delicious French dining.  The service was impeccable and our personal waiter was a lot of fun! He gave us glasses of champagne to celebrate our engagement, and when he found out it was also my birthday, came out with a dessert with sparklers on it! We enjoyed our dinner and then slowly began to broach the topic of wedding planning, which was a huge whoosh into reality!! For those of you who know me, I’ve got wedding magazines up the wazoo, but to actually be able to plan my wedding, whoa! That was big!! (It still is!!) He also gave me my last present, which was a Welsh Love Spoon, which is very symbolic to his heritage!

We topped off the night with a call to my parents, whom Nate had asked in January, but didn’t know when it was happening exactly.  They had called to say happy birthday and asked how my evening had gone.  So it was pretty fun to say, “It was really good, and I’m engaged!”