April Eudy

I’ve known April since 2001 when we both joined the team to Mother’s Choice from Simpson College.  This began a deep and meaningful friendship that involved lots of rooftop talks and late nights!  We eventually became housemates for my last semester at school and since then, have had many visits together when I’ve been able to make it back, and she even came to visit me once in Hong Kong! April’s a loyal friend who is a bit crazy, but that’s why I love her so much! She’s a great listener and always supportive of those around her.  April is working as a legal librarian in Sacramento.

Wynne Kong
I met Wynne, at church (SJCAC), when I first moved to California in first grade.  We officially became best friends by 4th grade and we even had the heart broken in two saying best friends, to prove it!  By junior high we saw each other every day as we attended the same school, youth group and church! We have been through a lot in our friendship including many sleepovers and various cake fights!  We’d often have double sleepovers with our brothers as they were both really good friends!  Wynne is also training to be a teacher, at the elementary school level.

Shannon Chan
I met Shannon at church, although I really only recall since junior high.  We began the typical letter writing and talking on the phone all the time!  We got ourselves into a lot of silly troubles and trials at all the different camps and retreats we’d attend! We got in trouble for breaking curfew on our first mission trip to Mexico as well!  She is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she wants! Shannon works for Wells Fargo Bank.

Florence Tse
Flo and I attended SJCAC but really got to know each other when we both attended Biola University in 1999.  We hung out a lot together, shared with each other, and she’s become a dear sister that I can always learn from! This lady is full of wisdom and insight, and she loves to dance! We sort of switched careers for a little bit, as she started university to do Christian education and I began to become a teacher, and by the time we graduated, we’d swapped majors and now she’s a lovely kindergarten teacher in San Francisco!

I-lin Chen
I met I-lin in 6th grade and we were at the same school all the way through high school.  From our big group of friends in junior high, we narrowed it down to seven girls by our senior year!  She’s always been a close friend and always makes time for me whenever I come home!  She’s always been encouraging towards me and supportive of the decisions that I make.  She’s working in advertising at a TV station in San Francisco.  

Lolly Law
I actually met Lolly the same day I met Nate, on the way to the Dean Sherman seminar.  I was quite impressed as she was the first flight attendant I’d ever met before! It was probably a couple of years before I actually got to really know her, and since then I’ve really come to value her friendship! She’s been a faithful prayer partner to me and has really walked me through all my trials with Nate! She is still in the airline industry, working for Oasis airlines.

Kief Khunpha
Keith has been a perennial fixture in the life of Nate! From Primary One til now Keith has been the greatest educator (this guy is the boffiest boffin of them all), friend and ego-trimmer that Nate has had! No matter the situation Keith manages to shave a little bit of Nate’s pride off, sometime even getting it in chunks! But seriously now, Keith has always been there, to talk computers (this guy taught Nate DOS, Windows, Nintendo…), literature, philosophy and girls!

Dan Burge
What can one say about the ‘man’? Dan has been the scourge of Nate’s life from year 9/10 in Shatin College (8th grade) til now. Always around for a joke and laugh and a good time, they have shared many an embarrassing moment together. He was the bassist in Nate’s band ‘Rein’ (Nate was the drummer and sometime vocalist – they are still waiting for that recording studio to get back to them…), the right wing to Nate’s left wing in the football (soccer) team and the back to Nate’s forward in the rugby team. After all these years they still manage to stay tight and cause trouble in the streets of Hong Kong. Indeed, their teenage years are yet to end. 

Mark Nam
Mark is the opposite of Nate. Nate is Welsh and grew up in Hong Kong, Mark is Chinese, grew up in Wales. Nate is tall and uh… big, Mark is small and well, thin. Nate is handsome and smart, Mark is blessed in other areas… Seriously though, regardless of their physical differences, they share many similarities. Together they have prayed up storms, sung up neighbours and encouraged each other spiritually. 

Matthew Jordan
Matthew is Nate’s little brother, not by birth. They have known each other since Matthew’s family popped up at Nate’s church in the early eighties and started their friendship by terrorizing the Sunday school teachers together with Matthew’s younger brother, Caleb. Since then they have always competed with each other to see who’s the tallest, the title changing hands yearly despite Nathan being a year older. In a photo finish Matthew won recently with an impressive 6”6 to Nate’s 6”1 on his tippy-toes. We’ll see how next year goes.

James Low
James and Nate have known each other since time began but only recently decided upon being friends, forsaking the ‘I’m cooler than you’ looks for more accepting ones. James has been a huge encouragement to Nathan, playing electric guitar for him, talking them deep thoughts a lot and drooling over white-coloured fruity technogadgets together. They are currently working together on their podcasts, songs and books with Matthew, hopefully all to be released soon. Holding your breath may be necessary.

Ephraim Bano
The Pinoy Pouncer, the Mah Faan from Tsuen Wan, Ephraim and Nate first saw each other at SNA in the nineties but first officially talked at one_eighty and have since had lots of fun getting up to no good. He is expertly trained in making a guitar sing, practical jokes and knowing when to be fashionably late. Although shackled by marriage, he will soon be joined by Nate for a joint commiseration session.